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On Powerboats Online

So you've done the research, marked your checklists and now you're at the boat show looking for your next pride and joy. Wouldn't it be nice to have a consultant to help you with the finer points of your decision making?


We asked Soundings technical writer Eric Sorensen - who literally wrote the book on how to evaluate a powerboat - to come aboard with us at this year's Miami International Boat Show and show us what an expert looks for when considering a powerboat.

During the next couple of months we will share more of Sorensen's insights on evaluating a boat for safety, performance and other considerations. In this edition, Sorensen evaluates three helm stations on ergonomic design, proper visibility and situational awareness.

Eric Sorensen was founding director of the J.D. Power and Associates marine practice and is the author of "Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats: How to Evaluate Design, Construction and Performance." A longtime licensed captain, he can be reached at His On Powerboats column appears monthly in Soundings magazine.

Stories in this issue:

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On Powerboats Online
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