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One of only four ‘flying boats’ on display

Visitors to a Madison Avenue sculpture garden in New York will be able to view a rare, nearly 100-year-old "flying boat" that had once been displayed at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

The Curtiss MF flying boat, one of just four remaining in the world and part of the society's Crawford auto and aviation collection, is being shown off because it is for sale, set for auction April 13. Bonhams auction house in New York estimates the plane will fetch between $300,000 and $500,000.

Click here for the full report and photo.

Meanwhile, a more modern vessel/aircraft is also for sale.

A New Zealand inventor has put a bizarre floating machine that can also take to the skies up for sale. It rides like a normal hovercraft but once it reaches a speed of 44 mph, it becomes airborne.

Click here for a video report on the one-off invention.