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One year down, two more to go

Reid Stowe, 55 is hanging in there, sailing his 70-foot schooner Anne through the oceans of the world. He hit the one-year mark in his 1,000-days-at-sea voyage April 21, according to a recent press release.

Now near New Zealand, Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad, 23, left New YorkHarbor in 2007 planning to make the voyage together. However, on Feb. 22 — her 306th day at sea — Ahmad had to leave Stowe behind because of recurring bouts of seasickness. She was picked up by the Royal Perth Yacht Club of Australia so Reid could continue his journey of sailing without touching land. So far, the voyage has broken two records — the longest amount of time at sea non-stop without sight of land for a couple and for a woman.

There have been several challenges Reid has faced over the last year, beginning with the collision with a freighter on Day 15 of the voyage, requiring the repair of Anna’s badly damaged bowsprit. Daily challenges include keeping the sails in good condition with sewing and patching. And now that Stowe is alone, he only catnaps while on the schooner. There have been no updates to the New York Daily News article in March stating that Stowe owed the State of New York $10,000 in back child support for his now-grown daughter, Viva, by his ex-wife, Iris Altamira.

“I often look back over a lifetime of adventure and think, ‘How did I do that?’” says Stowe in his online blog. “I have been having some hard times, but I love the boat and the sea and my course is still set for the eternal horizon.”

— Elizabeth Ellis