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Open hatch sank $500,000 boat

Rule No. 1 of nautical safety is to keep the water out of the boat. In one recent case, it was a boneheaded decision by a crewmember that sent their boat to the bottom.

A $500,000 New York Port Authority patrol boat sank this month after a veteran police sergeant took the advice of a clueless civilian safety instructor — and opened a hatch while it was under water, according to a report by The Post newspaper.

“It was like opening a window during a car wash,” one PA insider lamented of the screw-up off Breezy Point, Queens, that left 11 people scrambling for their lives.

Nobody was seriously injured, but eight cops and three civilians had to either swim to safety or be rescued as the 37-foot M-2 model Moose Boats craft sank 40 feet to the ocean floor about 300 yards off shore.

Click here for the full report with photos of the vessel going down.