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Open houses scheduled on careers in composites industry

The International Yacht Restoration School announced it will partner with Maine businesses Front Street Shipyard and the Kenway Corporation to run two open houses on careers and training opportunities in the composites industry.

A method of building pioneered by boat builders that has a high strength-to-weight ratio, composites construction is used today by many industries — including marine, transportation, wind energy, aerospace and others.

According to the latest tallies from the American Composites Manufacturers Association, in the U.S. alone the composites industry employs 550,000 people and generates $70 billion in revenues per year.

“Composites construction has a wide range of application in today’s industry — and many individuals may not realize that there are a wealth of career opportunities for those with the right level of interest, aptitude and skill,” said Clark Poston of IYRS. “Our goal for these open houses is to help more individuals learn about the industry and the best ways to gain entrée into the field.”

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