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Overboard offshore: 12 hours in the water

The Coast Guard rescues a missing fisherman Wednesday approximately 43 miles south of Montauk, N.Y.

John Aldridge, a crewmember of the commercial fishing vessel Anna Mary, was found 12 hours after going overboard. A Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, in Cape Cod, Mass., located and recovered the missing fisherman alive. Aldridge was treated for dehydration, exposure and hypothermia, according to the Coast Guard.

"I said there's no way in hell that he could be staying afloat all of this time," John Aldridge, Sr., the 43-year-old commercial fishing boat captain’s father told WABC 7 News.

For nearly 12 hours, John Aldridge, Jr. fought to keep his head above water, not knowing if anyone would find him in the middle of the ocean.

Two rescue boat crews from Station Montauk, two Coast Guard 87-foot rescue Patrol Boats, aircraft and two rescue helicopters from ASCC, along with several good Samaritans and local fishing vessels searched more than eight hours to find Aldridge. The coordination between the vessels and the Coast Guard allowed them to cover an area of 660 square miles.

“The search-and-rescue coordination between the Coast Guard, its partner agencies and fishermen was exceptional. The fishing crews allowed us to search a much greater area,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason Walter, the officer in charge of Station Montauk. “To find this man in the water after this much time is amazing.”