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Owners of wrecked boat out $20K Because AAA tow driver mistake

Common sense would tell you that if your vehicle is wrecked while in the care of a AAA tow truck driver, either that driver’s insurance or AAA would be responsible for making you whole again. But if the tow driver is using their own personal truck at the time of the collision, you could be stuck holding the bill.

That’s what happened to a San Francisco-area family who called AAA after the tire on their boat trailer went flat on the highway.

The tow truck operator says that she was not told she needed to bring a flatbed truck and that she was only dealing with a flat tire, so she drove out to the boat in her own vehicle. Once there, rather than calling for a flatbed, the driver repaired the tire and hitched the boat trailer to her truck.

At some point afterward, the driver was involved in a collision with another vehicle and the boat was totaled, as you can see in the video here.

So the tow driver’s insurance should cover the damage to the boat, right? Nope.

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