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Paddle crowd gets adventurous

MARCH 1 From circumnavigating the United States, to exploring South America’s unexplored rivers, to paddling across the Northern Pacific Ocean, a number of kayakers have recently undertaken some ambitious expeditions.

Renata Chlumska of Sweden is in the middle of an attempt to kayak and bike around the United States, according to information on her Web site. Chlumska expects to complete this 500-day, 11,000-mile “Around America” expedition by kayaking along coastlines and biking (with her kayak in tow) the unnavigable sections. Chlumska began her journey off Seattle last August, and traveled south around San Diego then east to Miami. Heading north she is now near Orlando, Fla.

Ben Stookesberry, of the United States, recently returned from South America where he was exploring what were previously thought to be unexplored rivers in Colombia and Brazil, a news release says. Stookesberry has also kayaked in Argentina and Chile, and much of the Western United States.

Jon Turk , also of the United States, is on tour promoting his new book, “In the Wake of the Jomon” (International Marine/McGraw-Hill, 2005), which chronicles his two-year kayaking expedition from Japan to Alaska. It was Turk’s final expedition on a long list that includes having kayaked around Cape Horn, long-distance open water passages in the South Pacific, and a passage from Canada’s Ellesmere Island to Greenland.

Jason Fell