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Parents suspend ocean search for daughter

The parents of a 19-year-old daughter possibly lost at sea more than eight months ago when the 70-foot schooner Nina apparently sank in a storm during a Tasman Sea crossing from New Zealand to Australia are beginning to face the inevitable.

The deeply religious couple have spent $600,000 to pay for private plane searches. The money has come not only from their own savings but also from fundraisers, friends, family, their daughter's college fund. The couple says God has kept them strong and determined.

"We cannot assume the boat sank without evidence, and we think it's highly likely that it did not," Robin Wright says. "We know there's a chance the boat sank. There is a chance. But do you assume the worst and stop searching?"

Still, the search has to end at some point and the Wrights said Tuesday they were returning to the U.S after running out of money and were unsure if they would return to Australia.

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