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Peer-to-peer boat rentals: what do you need to know?

Airbnb might a popular “peer-to-peer” lodging site on the web, but if you want to rent a boat in your local area or away, you’ve got options, too., and are just a few of the new crop of online websites offering a chance to rent a boat for the day or weekend. These services, which connect private boat owners to renters, can help owners recoup some expenses, and can also give non-owners a chance to get on the water with friends without the cost of full-time ownership.

So what do you need to know? BoatUS has some information for both boat owners and renters.

“Reviews are the best indicator of whether there will be a positive rental experience,” says BoatUS consumer affairs director Charles Fort, who adds, “These services may also help those looking to buy a certain boat to try it out, if you will, before they purchase.”

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