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Playing online boating games could make you richer

Logging onto and playing the online "DockIt!" game of skill now could make you $25,000 richer while improving your boating knowledge. Every time you play and complete one level of the game, you'll earn one entry into BoatU.S. "Wave of Fortune," a year-long sweepstakes with a $25,000 grand prize.

The deadline is Nov. 30, with the grand prize winner drawn in December.

The DockIt! game gives players a choice of three boats to quickly and safely dock in a virtual marina slip, with progressively tougher docking scenarios. Hit a piling, run up on shoals or collide with another boat, and it's all over. But if you can make it into the slip — each boat has its own unique handling characteristics — you've just improved your chances of winning the $25,000 grand prize as well as weekly and monthly prizes. Along the way you'll gain knowledge on the rules of the road and other helpful boating tips and information. Play the game at