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Pleasure boaters herded in harbor

It was a tense week on the water for foreign relationships when French commercial fishermen — protesting rising fuel costs — prevented British boaters from leaving the Port of Cherbourg at the entrance of the English Channel, according to

The fishermen drew an underwater steel cable at the mouth of the harbor, but that didn’t stop some vessels from trying to escape. A dive boat successfully eluded the fishermen despite being chased by fishing boats and bombarded with glass bottles, according to the report. Later in the week, a second attempt was made but failed after a thrown flare caught the boat on fire, although it was extinguished and no one was reported hurt.

Meanwhile, negotiations between the British Foreign Office and French Interior Ministry were ongoing throughout the week, although some British boaters claim the French police made no attempt to break up the protest, according to the report.

The fishermen finally removed the cable Monday after getting pressure from local and national governments and the dispute was resolved, according to the report.

— Elizabeth Ellis