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Police seek boater in Miami hit-and-run accident

Police are searching for the driver of a boat who they say crashed into another vessel near Miami Marine Stadium in Florida, injuring a young girl, before fleeing.

Miami Fire Rescue responded to the crash in Biscayne Bay Sunday evening.

Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll told Channel 7 News Miami that four adults and three children were aboard the boat that was struck. The young girl had minor injuries; no one else was hurt. All of the children aboard were wearing life preservers.

Boat owner Marco Telles said he and his family were on their way back to the marina after a day on the water when the unexpected happened.

“We were coming south into the marina, actually the main channel, when this boat came without any lights, coming south, and hit us on the side,” Telles told the TV station.

Telles said he believed the boat that crashed into them was speeding and he asked the operator of the vessel to stop, but the boat never did. The Coast Guard implemented a temporary speed zone in Biscayne Bay on New Year’s Eve this year, a response to a three-boat crash that killed four people on July 4.

“This guy is very irresponsible. I mean, they hit and ran,” Telles said. “We told them to follow us to the marina because we had kids on board and they simply ignored [me] and they hit and ran.”

Carroll praised the adults aboard for boating safely and responsibly.

“We definitely credit the father for keeping control, but also for making sure that the children had on their life preservers,” he said.