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Police: Thief stole boat, needed rescue

After what proved to be a bumpy ride for a thief trying to steal a charter fishing boat, police say the crook wound up in the water, begging to be rescued with officers reeling him in.

Port Richey, Fla., police say it was certainly a different kind of catch. A charter fishing captain got the wakeup call around 4 a.m. last Thursday morning that someone was trying steal his boat, still tied up.

“I guess he decided he did not want to take the rods and reels. It would just be better to take the whole darn boat,” says owner Jesse Zuban. 

The owner of the Paladin says the accused thief smashed his way into the cabin by breaking a window, trying to steal the $100,000 boat, but he didn’t make it far.

“He made it about 20 feet, took the pilings with him and everything,” Zuban told WSTP News.

Zuban just bought the 42-foot sportfishing boat six months ago and nearly had his livelihood — Paladin Fishing — stolen.