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Poor training standards blamed in SV Concordia sinking

As the winds picked up and a tall ship full of Canadian students tilted dangerously low in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off Brazil, the officer on duty failed to notice or take actions that could have saved the vessel, investigators said Thursday.

Areport from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada blamed human error due to insufficient Canadian training standards for last year’s sinking of SV Concordia, a ship that was part of an elite Nova Scotia-based private-school program called Class Afloat.

After the ship went down on Feb. 17, 2010, dozens of students from this country were stranded at sea for the better part of two days, before finally being rescued by a pair of merchant ships.

Soundings reported on the incident in the May 2010 issue and June 2010 issue.

All 64 people onboard survived, but not even that much was originally known, investigators told reporters in Halifax on Thursday, noting the hectic evacuation of the ship after it capsized.

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