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Possible boat-bovine collision

JUNE 25 — A New York farmer is wondering if two boats could be responsible for the death of one of his cows.

The man received a phone call last Wednesday informing him that one of his 29 cows was dead in a canal near Whitehall, N.Y., a report in the Post Star newspaper says. The cows often wade out into the canal to cool off on hot days, he says in the report.

The cow apparently was found dead shortly after two boats passed by, says the report. The farmer says he’s not sure if one of the boats hit his cow or if it drowned in a large wake.

“I think these boats should be held accountable,” he says in the report. The cow was worth about $2,000, he says.

Speeding boats on the canal have been a problem in recent years, a police officer says in the report. Area police officials are considering acquiring a patrol boat to help monitor activity on the canal.

Jason Fell