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Possible ferry-whale collision

APRIL 10 Nearly 100 people were injured Sunday when the high-speed ferry they were on collided with what authorities believe was a whale off southwestern Japan.

Japanese Coast Guard officials received a distress call from the boat, the Toppy-4, at about 6 p.m., news reports say. The boat lost control after it was hit by a “whale-like object.’ Ninety-three of its 109 passengers were injured.

“A whale-like marine animal hit the rear part of the ferry’s port side and the vessel leaned forward,” the ferry’s captain said in a report.

At least 12 passengers suffered broken bones and other serious injuries, reports say. The boat was not in immediate danger of sinking, according to authorities.

It was the fifth collision this year between a high-speed ferry and marine animals off southwestern Japan, a report says.

— Jason Fell