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Powerboat collision leaves five dead

Four people were killed, several were injured, and another was missing after a 20-foot powerboat collided with a 30-foot powerboat at about 5 p.m. last Saturday on BlindRiver in New Orleans, according to The Associated Press. Yesterday morning, officials found the body of the last missing passenger about a half-mile from the accident site.

Each boat carried six passengers. Five on the 20-footer died, including the skipper, while one is in critical condition. Two people on the 30-footer had minor injuries and the rest were OK, according to the report.

"Early reports indicate that when the boats came around a bend in the river, they saw each other and both operators tried to maneuver out of the way but both corrected in the same direction and collided,' Wildlife and Fisheries spokesman Bo Boehringer said in the Daily Comet newspaper.

The toxicology report on the skipper of the larger vessel came back clean, and an autopsy is being done on the body of the skipper in the other vessel. Officials say the boats were heading in opposite directions when they collided. Divers came out Sunday to look for the missing person.

 Wildlife and Fisheries department of New Orleans says the victims of the collision ranged in age from 25 to 35, acording to the Associated Press.

— Elizabeth Ellis