Product offers management of e-mail at sea


Marlink, the global provider of maritime satellite communications has introduced a new service to its @Seamail product family.

The new @Seamail Online service is a Web-based tool that enables shore-based e-mail administrators to effectively manage fleet e-mail communications from any Internet connection, providing ship operators with increased security and cost control.

Designed for use with MSS satellite communications systems including Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Iridium OpenPort and Thuraya, Marlink's new @SeamailOnline can be accessed remotely by system administrators to monitor and manage e-mail traffic. The @SeamailOnline service provides increased control over the type of e-mails transmitted to and from the vessel. Administrators are able to apply filters, also known as white and black lists, for originators and destinations of e-mails. File-size limits for varying categories of users can also be set, providing increased control of email usage and reducing costs. Additionally, e-mail blockages caused by emails exceeding file size or content limitations can be identified more quickly, minimizing disruption to the vessel's email communication system.

"@SeamailOnline enables e-mail administrators to login remotely to the fleet's on-board @Seamail system to set e-mail content filters and limit file sizes, providing a more cost-effective use of the ship operator's email communications system. Additionally, the use of a virtual, Web-based hub is a cost-effective alternative to ship operators managing their own email hub, which is typically very demanding and requires dedicated staff to operate the system 24/7," said Chris Henny, Marlink senior project manager.

@SeamailOnline is the latest addition to the @Seamail product family that provides full e-mail, fax and telex for remote users at sea and on land. Marlink's comprehensive portfolio incorporates an extensive range of satellite communications services ranging from on-demand services such as Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Iridium OpenPort and Thuraya to its own multi-regional and global Ku-band and C-band maritime VSAT systems WaveCall(TM), Sealink(TM) and @Seadirect. The company also offers a wide range of value-added services designed to ensure flexible solutions are available to meet the toughest customer requirement.

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