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Product Sample Four

Our coffee experts designed these pairings to evoke the complementary characteristics and individuality of each coffee. A wonderful gift for someone who enjoys mulling over the subtle variations in body, flavor, and balance. Four shipments of 2 lbs. each.

Shipment 1
French Roast

Shipment 2
Arabian Mocha Java
Guatemala Antigua

Shipment 3
Gold Coast Blend®
Italian Roast

Shipment 4
Arabian Mocha Sanani
Caffè Verona®

Bonus Gift: The The first shipment of every new World Tour arrives with a free, thermal travel tumbler (16 fl. oz.) decorated with exclusive Starbucks art.

Total $92.00
($23.00 plus shipping and handling every other month)*

* World Tour coffees are shipped separately from any other products ordered and separate shipping & handling charges apply. Shipments are sent automatically every eight weeks. Your credit card is charged as each shipment is sent.

Promotional codes and discounts, including partner discounts, do not apply to this product.