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Professional mariners compete for $30,000

Northeast Maritime Institute has announced the First Annual International Shiphandling Championship to be held at Northeast Maritime’s Fairhaven, Mass., campus from June 5-7.

The contest is open to the first 50 licensed professional mariners who send applications and the accompanying $1,200 application fee to NMI. These mariners will compete for a total purse of $50,000, with first place taking home $30,000, second place $15,000 and third place $5,000. These professionally trained mariners will test their shiphandling skills by using a state-of-the-art TRANSAS Ship and Tug simulator. They will operate the vessels under various simulation scenarios for the title of International Shiphandling Champion. Each mariner will be challenged by four different vessel types in different geographical areas and scored by a panel of judges along with the TRANSAS Evaluation and Assessment System.

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This article originally appeared in the New England Home Waters section of the May 2009 issue.