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Prop promises better performance

Mercury’s new Enertia propeller is made of an alloy that it says affords better acceleration and efficiency

Mercury Propellers has developed a new stainless steel outboard prop that it says improves acceleration and top speed. Introduced at this fall’s International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference in Miami, the Enertia propeller is made from the patent-pending “X7” stainless steel alloy.

“We’ve been working to develop new technology that makes our props stronger and more durable than other, standard ones. The result of that work is the Enertia propeller,” says Kevin Fletcher, one of Mercury’s marketing managers. “These props are perfect for heavy outboard-powered offshore boats. It works well on single-, twin- and triple-engine models.”

The Enertia propeller (Mercury combined “inertia” and “energy” to create the name) is four times more durable and 30 percent stronger than conventional stainless steel propellers, according to the company. The propeller has thinner blades and higher rake angles than other propellers, which Fletcher says creates “unprecedented efficiency in all ranges of operation.” The Enertia price tag is about $640.

Last summer, Mercury tested the Enertia wheel on a 24-foot center console powered by a 250-hp Mercury Verado outboard. When compared to a standard stainless steel prop of the same pitch, the Enertia improved acceleration from 0 to 20 mph and 0 to 30 mph by 20 percent, Mercury says. The boat’s top speed also improved by 2 mph.

“Mercury believes it has hit a home run with this geometry,” Fletcher says. “Having thinner blades using standard alloys means you lose durability. It’s great to see both top speed and acceleration improved because of this strong, new [X7] alloy.”

Fletcher says the Enertia propeller stays “hooked up” better in turns, and helps keep boats on plane at slower speeds. “It varies, of course, but lower planing speed means a longer range at peak fuel efficiency,” he says.

Enertia propellers will be available in single-pitch increments from 14 to 22 inches. Counter-rotation models will be available in 15-, 17-, 19- and 21-inch pitches for twin- and triple-engine installations.

Enertia propellers are being manufactured at Mercury’s foundry in Fond du Lac, Wis., and the company plans to make the propellers available to dealers next April.

Mercury Propellers is a division of Mercury Marine. For more information, call (800) 637-2879.