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PROSAR safety gear won't be CG-approved

The Coast Guard has canceled all approvals on life-saving products made by PROSAR Technologies after finding defects in some of the company’s life jacket lights.

The decision to withdraw all approvals was made because the Florida company is no longer in business, and quality control of all their safety products cannot be verified, according to the Coast Guard.

The defects turned up during routine inspections by several of its offices, the Coast Guard reports in a Safety Alert bulletin. “Some of these life jacket lights were found with very noticeable deformations due to battery corrosion, while others appeared perfectly normal but did not work when tested.”

Approvals were canceled on the following products: MOBL-2 15-hour automatic floating water light, L-8 life jacket light, WARL-8M and WARL-8M/1 steady state life jacket lights, WARL-8A life jacket light, CGD-L8 life jacket light, and CGDS-L8 life jacket light.

The Coast Guard “strongly recommends” that any of these items be replaced with other equipment it has approved. A complete list of approved products can be found at cgmix.uscg