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Quadriplegic eyes solo Atlantic crossing

The waterway between Lanzarote on one side of the Atlantic to the British Virgin Isles on the other measures around 3,000 nautical miles and, for most intrepid seadogs, takes two and six weeks to cross.

If British quadriplegic sailor Geoff Holt makes it to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola in January, his log book won't just chronicle the usual steep seas and storms, but the key moments in an emotional journey spanning 25 years to the place where his life changed forever.

In 1984, he was a beefy 6-foot, 4-inch delivery skipper with salt water running through his veins and a career in professional yachting fully mapped out. After diving headfirst into shallow water he has been in a wheelchair ever since.

But his passion for blue water and challenges has never abated.

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