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Radar testing near Alabama’s Dauphin Island

The Coast Guard is conducting an airborne-and-surface sensor performance test in the vicinity of Dauphin Island until June 16 with the intention of enhancing search-and-rescue procedures.

The test, known as optimizing radar electro-optic sensor, includes the use of multiple boats, surface targets and Coast Guard aircraft. Test assets will be on channel 81 and VHF-FM channel 21.

The Coast Guard is working collaboratively with NATO scientific teams to gather weather and sensor data. This data will be used to enhance search-and-rescue procedures.

"The Coast Guard [sensor] test represents sensor prediction model validation, which will be used in numerous applications for future Coast Guard acquisitions and current enhancement of operational effectiveness by our assets," said Lt. Jeffrey Young, U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

Any questions regarding the [sensor] test should be directed to Lt. Jeffrey Young at (860) 367-3176 or by email at