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Radio waves

APRIL 3 — Radio personality and certified financial planner Keith DeGreen on Sunday kicked off a circumnavigation aboard his Nordhavn 55, and plans to continue broadcasting his financial advice radio show during the voyage.

This spring DeGreen converted his Nordhavn 55, The Global Adventure, into a floating broadcasting station, fitting the yacht with microphones, amplifiers, mixers and other equipment, according to information on his Web site. DeGreen plans to visit 25 ports around the world and broadcast his show, “The Keith DeGreen Personal Finance Show,” from the pilothouse.

“I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about world economics … politics, culture and investment opportunities at each port of call,” DeGreen says in a news release. “The goal is to empower our listeners and Web site visitors to make informed choices about their international portfolio.”

From San Diego, DeGreen’s first stop will be Honolulu, Hawaii, the news release says. DeGreen also plans to make stopovers in the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and China. DeGreen’s show is broadcast every Sunday on his hometown station Newstalk 550 KFYI in Phoenix.

For more information about DeGreen and The Global Adventure, see the June issue of Soundings. To track DeGreen’s progress and to listen to his radio show, go to

Jason Fell