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Coast Guard Seeks Bridge Comments

It could be more difficult to get an opening at the St. Lucie River Railroad Bridge if a high-speed railroad company gets its way. 

It could be more difficult to get an opening at the St. Lucie River Railroad Bridge if a high-speed railroad company gets its way. 

Folks who boat in Florida know that the flow of marine traffic often is controlled by the opening schedules of the bridges that cross the state’s waterways. Whether it’s a railroad bridge or a highway crossing, arrive at the wrong time and you could be held up for 30 minutes or more. That’s a serious dent in anyone’s boating day.

Openings in St. Lucie and Jupiter could get more complicated if a company proposing a high-speed rail line is given permission to use two railroad drawbridges that cross the St. Lucie and Loxahatchee rivers. The more railroad traffic these bridges carry, the more the spans will remain closed to boaters.

The Coast Guard is conducting a navigation feasibility study for the two spans and requesting feedback from the boating public. You can enter your own comments online here by midnight Feb. 1, when the comment period closes.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can be more involved with local boating issues, consider paying a visit to and its online Advocacy Tool. According to BoatUS, the tool serves as a one-stop shop for federal and state recreational boating issues and gives boaters the option to track bills by state, find contact information for elected officials, speak to policymakers to express their views and advocate for boating issues in their communities.



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