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VIDEO: Is Your Boat Ready For Winter?


Don’t be fooled by the warm autumn temperatures we’ve experienced this year — an Arctic cold front is pushing through the Eastern United States that promises to catch unprepared boat owners off guard. If you haven’t prepped your boat for winter, now’s the time to do it. To get you started, our friends at BoatUS have prepared this video on how to winterize your fresh water system.

Once you’ve completed that task, you’ll also want to winterize your engine(s), waste systems, raw-water washdowns, generators, air conditioners and anything else that relies on raw or fresh water. Do it now before sub-freezing temperatures cause expensive damage. 

If you’ve already hauled out and winterized for the season, and find yourself dreaming of far-away destinations, check out “Unforgettable Anchorages.” The feature appeared in Soundings’ December 2017 issue.  


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