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Rebates offered to owners of Sandy-damaged boats

A new sales promotion by Dometic Marine is offering special deals to owners of boats damaged last fall by Hurricane Sandy.
Dometic Marine’s dealer network is offering rebates on replacement HVAC systems and toilet systems to owners of boats hit by the hurricane.

Details about these rebates have been promoted at several Northeast boat shows, including the current Atlantic City Boat Show to let affected boat owners know about the program.

“We felt very strongly that it was important to show our support to the boat owners who were affected by Hurricane Sandy,” Dometic Marine Vice President of Aftermarket Sales Ken Taranto said in a press release. “We are offering substantial discounts which we will judge individually on a case by case basis.”

Dometic Marine has also made a cash donation to help raise $50,000 for the Hurricane Sandy Fund, sponsored by Kellogg Marine. The funds will go strictly to boat dealers, marinas and boat yards.

The individual employees of Dometic Marine also helped the cause in a more personal way by donating their own warm coats, sweaters and blankets to people in New Jersey who are struggling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.