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Regatta returns with kids in mind

The B.I.G. (Business/Industry/Government) Team Regatta returns for a second year Sept. 24 at J World in Annapolis. The regatta was created jointly by J World/Annapolis and The National Maritime Heritage Foundation to raise funds for Kids Set Sail, a National Maritime Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit program designed to engage urban kids in sailing activities. The ultimate goal is keep them in school and direct them toward higher education.

Corporate sponsors will compete with their four-person team on Chesapeake Bay in 26-foot J/80 performance sailboats, provided by J World and staffed with a professional sailing coach. Sponsor organizations will also receive an afternoon or evening session of team-building and race training in the weeks before the event.

The sessions are presented by Group Experiential Learning, a group that promotes teambuilding using the maritime environment. “Through this team building exercise, corporations can strengthen the basic elements of group performance, which pays dividends back in the office, while at the same time making an enormous difference in a kid’s life,” says Jay Palace, president of GEL.

The inaugural annual charity event last year raised $21,000 and the goal has been set at $50,000 for 2004. Contact Palace at (800) 966-2038 or visit