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Regulator revamps the 23

The transom is back. The new version of the Regulator 23, a 24-degree deep-vee designed by Lou Codega, makes use of an engine bracket to increase overall deck space.

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In addition to more room on deck, the 2014 model has a standard transom seat, a 50 percent larger hardtop (almost beam to beam), a head compartment and a flush foredeck. With its radiused transom, it also catches up with the softer, rounded look of the rest of the Regulator fleet.

The boat was designed specifically for a single Yamaha F300, Codega says. “The design is more focused than the previous version,” he says. “We get some really good performance numbers.”

The boat is about 1,000 pounds heavier because of the bracket and hardtop and other components, but it achieves the same performance as the old 23, Codega says. Preliminary numbers indicate that it can reach a top speed of 46.9 mph. Cruising at almost 30 mph (4,000 rpm), she gets 2.34 mpg.

The bow seating doubles as dry storage. Port and starboard recessed rails extend from amidships to the bow. You can stow rods in a lockable centerline foredeck compartment. There is also a home for beverages — a 55-quart insulated cooler under the forward console seat.

The stand-up console (headroom is 6 feet,) houses a head. The dash has room for two 17-inch flush-mounted displays. There’s a transom raised live well alongside a 120-quart raised fishbox. The boat carries 149 gallons of fuel. The standard Regulator 23 with a single Yamaha F300 is $86,995.

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June 2014 issue