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Remains of USS Monitor sailors interred

The remains of two unknown USS Monitor sailors, recovered by NOAA and the U.S. Navy in 2002 from the ship’s gun turret, were buried March 8 with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

The USS Monitor sank in a New Year’s Eve storm in 1862, carrying 16 crewmembers to their deaths.

“Just as the crew of the Monitor fought tirelessly to keep their ‘old-time knight in armor’ afloat, so have many worked tirelessly since her loss to keep their commitment to her, and to the 16 sailors who answered the call-to-arms of a young nation in peril and paid the ultimate price,” said Kathyrn D. Sullivan, acting undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and acting NOAA administrator, in remarks at the memorial service.

To date, no trace of the other 14 missing members of the crew has been found.

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