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Replica of Hemingway boat ready for its close-up

With a Hollywood movie in the works on the life of legendary author and angler Ernest Hemingway, the filmmakers needed one critical prop: Papa’s beloved boat, Pilar.

The original Pilar is the property of the Cuban government and on display there as a museum piece.

Hemingway's custom-made Wheeler Playmate Cabin Cruiser was built for the writer for $7,455 in 1934 and became a lifelong retreat for the author.

"She is not only a boat, but a main character in our film," actor Andy Garcia said in a statement.
Garcia will play Hemingway’s fishing buddy Gregorio Fuentes in the movie. Anthony Hopkins has signed on to play Hemingway.

Luckily, the filmmakers Elhanor, a similar 1933 Wheeler Playmate that had been owned by a family in New York state for 50 years. After acquiring the boat, the filmmakers hired Moores Marine, a company that specializes in restoring wooden boats, to transform Elhanor into a new Pilar.

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