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Rescue at sea for DIY boat

A pair of bungling British fishermen who had to be rescued after setting out to sea in a tiny homemade boat they built for about $14 have vowed to build another one and try again.

The men set sail from the Essex, England, coast for an Easter fishing trip using the craft, which was made by cobbling together insulation boards, scrap plywood, laminate flooring, wire coat hangers and stuck together using silicone glue.

But just 650 feet from the shore, they were left stranded when one of their oars snapped and they had to be rescued by an Royal National Lifeboat Institution crew.

But despite the eventful rescue, the pair have already made plans to return to the sea in a new boat after lifeboat crews destroyed their original creation.

Mr Toms, 27, a self-employed builder from Jaywick, Essex, admitted: 'I’m already thinking about doing it again but next time I’ll get a little engine instead of oars.

'The boat itself was solid – it was waterproof,” one man, a 27-year-old self-employed builder, told The Daily Mail.