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Rescue required

Running hard aground is bad news for any boater, but when the vessel in question is a $3 million 85-foot yacht rapidly taking on water, the stakes are considerably higher.

A custom Ferretti named Kakao hit a rock outcropping off the British Virgin Islands Friday morning, tearing a hole in its hull and leaving the skipper no alternative but to intentionally run it aground.

“The stern was on the bottom, and the bow was still floating, but the engine room and the electrical generator spaces were all flooded. The engines were underwater and the generators were underwater. So it did quite a lot of damage,” Alan Wentworth, of Sea Tow, told the Virgin Islands Daily News.

We couldn’t find any video, but take a look at these dramatic photos of the incident, led by an interior photo showing the water rising over a porthole. The two people aboard the yacht were uninjured, and they escaped by boarding a 32-foot shadow boat in tow.

“It took all the pumps we had and all the pumps he had to get this thing to float off the reef,” Wentworth told the newspaper. “And then we had to patch the hull.”

Rescuers managed to move the ship from the reef during the afternoon. The yacht was carrying 1,900 gallons of fuel when it ran aground, but the Coast Guard said there was no sign of pollution in the surrounding waters.