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Rescued 84-year-old sailor may set off again

An American sailor rescued in the remote South Pacific isn't ruling out another effort to navigate alone around the tip of South America. From his perspective, he's tried only six times to achieve the feat, and he's just 84 years old.

"Age means nothing. What is important is that you are alive, so I don't worry about numbers. I worry about life. That, I think, is more important," Thomas Louis Corogin told the New Zealand Herald Monday after the Chilean navy brought him to shore.

Corogin had set sail aboard his 32-foot boat Dec. 27 from Easter Island on the last and most difficult part of his attempt to sail around Cape Horn, preparing to weather some of the world's most dangerous seas. But then a key piece of rigging snapped.

"The backstay broke," Corogin said. "I did temporary repairs with rope, but they would only last a short time and the mast would come down, so I could not sail and the tiller was locked in with the wreckage."

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