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Rescued after sinking

AUGUST 2 -Four boaters were rescued from a life raft off Hawaii last week after the 40-foot yacht they were sailing struck what the crew believes was a whale and sank.

The sailors were traveling from Kaneohe, Hawaii, to Los Angeles on July 25 after completing a trans-Pacific race when the boat apparently hit either a pilot or false killer whale, news reports say. The collision punched a hole into the port side of the vessel, called Murreadretta XL, and it began to take on water.

The crew bailed water “like crazy,” skipper Nick Barran says in a news report. They decided to abandon the yacht after about an hour when the water level rose to about two feet. The men deployed a life raft and contacted the Coast Guard for help.

The crew of a passing cargo vessel rescued the four sailors after about 12 hours, reports say. They were later transported to a fishing vessel, the Kami M, which took them to Honolulu Harbor.

No one was injured during the collision with the whale, reports say, but the Kami M apparently suffered damage when the sailors were transferred to the boat.

— Jason Fell