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Rescuers become rescuees

When an 18-foot boat overturned in the Mississippi Sound throwing four people overboard, the skipper of a nearby 20-foot boat tried to come to their rescue.

However, the crew’s good intentions were in vain when the rescuer’s boat also managed to capsize, according to the Associated Press.

The smaller boat first turned turtle about two miles south of Bay St. Louis, Miss., last Saturday morning. The Coast Guard received a call after 6 a.m. and dispatched an aircraft, but before it arrived the four people had already started climbing into the larger boat, according to the news report.

Unfortunately, the owners of the 20-footer were overly optimistic about the vessel’s weight capacity, and their boat turned over shortly after the extra weight was added. Lt. Tavis McElheny, who flew the jet that found the vessels, said all nine were found clinging to the boat’s hull, uninjured and wearing life vests.

They were all taken to land safely. It is not known what caused the smaller boat to capsize.

— Elizabeth Ellis