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Researchers catch and release five great whites

The ocean research group Ocearch landed a 14-foot 2-inch, 2,300 lb. immature female Great White Shark off the coast of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod in late August — the fifth female white shark they’ve caught since beginning their research campaign two and a half weeks earlier.

“These New England sharks are skittish. They’re not like South African sharks which are somewhat used to human interaction. These sharks are super boat-shy and fixated on the local seal population,” Ocearch founder Chris Fischer told the online commercial marine website

Fischer says he and his team are supporting more than a half dozen research groups and universities in a unified effort to learn everything they can about the North Atlantic Great White Shark, particularly their breeding and migratory patterns. 

To do so they are taking blood samples and attaching GPS transponders to their dorsal fins which allow the sharks to be tracked in real time.

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