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Restoration boat has long history of surf rescue

For three hours each Tuesday morning, the sounds of hammering, drilling and cutting disrupt the silence of the abandoned Lewes, Maine, power station.

In the bowels of the decaying concrete and steel structure sits a 26-foot-long surf boat being brought back to life by a small group of volunteers from the Overfalls Foundation.

The Monomoy boat was once tasked with saving lives, but now it is the one in need of saving.

“It was in sad shape,” Overfalls member David Bernheisel, reminiscing back to when the group acquired the boat in late 2011, told The Cape Gazette. “There was rotten wood, and all the ribs were broken.”

Despite the boat's condition, he said, a group of eight to 10 volunteers took on the overwhelming task of rehabilitating it.

“The project got a slow start, but with good support in the community we've really gotten going,” he said.