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Returning to the scene of the rescue

SEPT. 6 — A Wisconsin man was married Saturday on the ferry boat that helped rescue him last summer.

The man and his bride-to-be exchanged vows on the LakeExpress ferry that operates on Lake Michigan between Milwaukee, Wis., and Muskegon, Mich., according to an Associated Press report. The couple held a reception in Muskegon.

Last August the man had been on the lake when his boat capsized and he was thrown into the water, the report says. The man says he spent nearly 24 hours clinging to a seat cushion before crewmembers aboard the LakeExpress spotted him and pulled him from the water.

“If it weren’t for the LakeExpress, I wouldn’t be here,” the man says in the report. “Cut and dry. Just plain and simple.”

Despite his apparent near-drowning, the man says he still loves the water, according to the report.

? Jason Fell