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Rhode Island Company Supports Hospitals During Pandemic

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Kinder Industries Inc. in Bristol, Rhode Island, has been manufacturing boat covers and boat enclosures for 23 years. Now in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the company is shifting production to help support hospitals and medical workers in need by making face shields.

The company is working with Lifespan and SouthCoast Health, and their goal is to produce 18,000 face shields, which wrap around the head. They have some masks as well, but they are focusing on shields at this time.

“We’re building about 1,100 per day right now and I know we can do better,” says owner Philip Kinder. “This is what we all need to do on a daily basis to make things happen and to make things in America, because we can do it.”

According to Kinder, customers helped purchase all of the necessary materials and paid for the transport. He anticipates completing the order in about two weeks, and he will happily fill additional orders that come in. Hear more from Kinder in this video


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Marine Industry Supports COVID-19 Response

Multiple notable boat builders shift production to manufacture masks and donate resources to those on the frontlines of the pandemic.

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The Last Chaplain Visiting Quarantined Ships

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, one reverend continues to provide support to seafarers who are keeping the food supply chain open.

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Annapolis Boat Shows Officially Cancelled

City officials have decided to cancel the two boat shows due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Alaskan Man Makes Weekly 14-Hour Boat Trip to Keep His Town Supplied

A local grocer travels 50 miles by boat and picks up $30,000 worth of supplies every week to keep his small town fed.

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Abandoned Boat with Illicit Cargo Washes Ashore in Marshall Islands

An 18-foot boat carrying over 1,000 pounds of cocaine washes up in the Pacific nation, and its origins are a mystery.

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Two Rescued from Boat Crash in Norwalk, Connecticut

After hitting a rock formation with their 39-ft powerboat, two boaters are rescued by the Norwalk Police Department moments before the boat sinks.

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Albemarle Boats and Spencer Sportfish Partner Up on New 53-Footer

The two renowned sportfish builders announced their partnership and plans for a new model yesterday morning.

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A Narrow Escape

While being hunted by an orca, an otter jumps to safety on a nearby boat.