Richmond Sailor and Artist Paints into his 90s

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90-year-old Jim DeWitt started boating as a young child when his father designed a 19-foot sloop and built it in their backyard. Later on, a lifeguarding job earned DeWitt enough money to buy the wood to build his own 8-foot dinghy called an El Touro. He started racing his sailboat against other kids and tied for champion at the end of his first season. His sailing exploits eventually earned him the titles of North American Men’s Sailing Champion and International Masters Sailing Champion.

DeWitt also developed a passion for painting at a young age. He struggled in school due to dyslexia, which was undiagnosed, but was encouraged to pursue painting by a PE teacher holding an art class. With the teacher’s encouragement, DeWitt’s mother sent him to art school.

Today, the Richmond artist is becoming internationally renowned. He often paints sailboat races, and he was named artist-in-residence at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, which hosted the 34 America’s Cup in San Francisco. He has also painted cars, airplanes and horses. He accepts commissions for portraits of people and pets, and he also does pieces for magazine covers. Read more about this artist and his works here



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