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Round-the-world sailor dismasts near finish

In a crushing disappointment, a 28-year-old Danish solo sailor was dismasted on the last leg — 700 miles from the end of his 30,000-mile voyage around the globe.

"It happened at sunset. The wind was about 20 knots," Christian Liebergreen told Yachting World. "I had gone below to boil water for supper when I heard a smack. I knew what was happening, but I hoped it wasn't true. The mast had cracked and fell over and bent at the deck."

Liebergreen was sailing Jonna, his family's Sagitta 35, a 40-year-old cruising yacht.

"Two days ago I spotted Land's End. It was the first time I had sight of land in two and a half months. Last time I saw land was the Falkland Islands,” he told The Herald Express, a local newspaper in Devon, England, where he was recovering.

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