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Runaway trailered boat injures woman

NOV. 9 — A Louisiana woman was critically injured Sunday night when a runaway boat trailer collided with the vehicle she was riding in.

Debra Schaefer, 36, of Marrero, La., was struck in the head by the coupler of a boat trailer that came loose from an oncoming pickup truck on the U.S. 11 bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, a news report says. Schaefer was taken to an area hospital where information on her condition was not immediately available.

Jeffery Dinger, 40, who was towing the boat trailer, was charged with negligent injuring, improperly securing the trailer to his truck and failing to use a safety chain. Dinger had been towing his 16-foot homemade boat when, at about 6:20 p.m., the trailer apparently broke free and drifted across the southbound lane, hit a concrete railing, and slammed into the pickup truck being driven by Debra Schaefer’s husband, Glenn Schaefer, who is 38, the report says.

Dinger and Glenn Schaefer were unharmed in the accident, according to the report. All three people involved were wearing seatbelts and alcohol was not suspected as a factor in the crash.

— Jason Fell