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Sailing group rewards crew with rescue medal

US Sailing announced last week that Philip Sauer, the owner of Second Chance, a 44-foot sloop, and his crew will be awarded a Hanson Rescue Medal.

The crew of nine rescued a kayaker as their boat was approaching the finish line of the 2011 Transpacific Yacht Race July 19 in Diamond Head, Hawaii. After 2,225 miles and two weeks of hard racing at sea, Second Chance’s crew was looking for the red finish line buoy when they spotted a red object in the water. As they approached the object, it became clear this was no buoy but a kayaker — one who had broken his paddle on the back of a sea turtle, fallen out of the kayak, and been swimming for four hours.

Click here for the full press release and click here for a TV news report at the time of the incident.