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Sailing groups join in conservation effort

Sailors for the Sea, an ocean conservation non-profit focused on the sailing and boating community, joined with US Sailing Regatta Network to encourage a more sustainable approach to running major regatta events.

Regatta Network promotes Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas program, a third-party certification program that helps participants achieve higher environmental standards, on the network's website and through its newsletter to more than 500 clients.

Sailors for the Sea encourages its members and program participants to make use of Regatta Network's services as a low-cost, paperless alternative to traditional regatta registration.

"A strong ideological connection exists between the Regatta Network online registration model and the environmentally responsible goals of Clean Regattas," said Ken Taylor, president of Regatta Network, in a statement. "Race organizers who use Regatta Network's paperless online registration system are a step ahead when it comes to reducing their 'carbon wake.' With Clean Regattas, Sailors for the Sea helps the rest of the way by linking sailors to environmentally friendly tactics and resources."

Regatta organizers who decide to make use of, or are already using, Regatta Network can link to the Clean Regattas home page to register with the program and then integrate their Clean Regattas commitment and communication into the Regatta Network registration system.

This collaboration allows Clean Regattas to share information about their efforts with their racers.