Sailing legend rails against ‘elitist’ presentation of his sport


One of Britain's most successful sailors has accused the BBC of promoting an "elitist" view of his sport and failing to give it sufficient coverage.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston said the corporation was obsessed with football and cricket and had forgotten that Great Britain is a maritime nation.

He said the country had developed "sea blindness" and claimed sailing was in fact open to all — "whether a bricklayer or Duke."

His comments came after the BBC failed to give any national coverage to the start of this year’s Fastnet race.

In a letter to Yachting World, Knox-Johnston said: "The start of the Fastnet could not have been more spectacular or received more publicity all over the world. However, there was one major exception - the national BBC news and sports news. It was full of football, athletics and cricket, but unbelievably ignored the start completely.”

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