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VIDEO: Smooth Sailing To Bermuda


Leo Goolden is on a quest to rebuild the Albert Strange-designed sailing yacht Tally Ho. The top-to-bottom restoration is requiring a great deal of time and money, but fortunately Goolden has skills as a self-employed shipwright to bring the yacht back to life. He takes on boat-building projects, writing commissions and serves as professional crew to fund the project.

In a recent update on his blog, Goolden shared his experiences on a voyage aboard the three-masted schooner Adix, where he served as first officer from Newport, Rhode Island, to Bermuda.

You’ll need to set aside just over 12 minutes of time to watch it, but this video has excerpts of the ocean voyage from beginning to end:

You can read more about Goolden’s quest to restore Tally Ho in Soundings’ November 2017 issue and you can stay up-to-date with his escapades at Sampson Boat Co.



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