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Sailor offers sunken boat to any takers

A Florida angler whose bass boat sank has offered the vessel — along with thousands of dollars of cash and equipment still onboard — free to anyone who brings the vessel ashore.

Jack Roberts said his 16-foot, 1988 Sportsman was swamped, then capsized and sank July 1 two miles off Destin Beach, near Pensacola, Fla.

On board with him were his two adult sons, his Chihuahua named BooBoo, $2,000 in fishing gear and a wallet that contained $800 cash.

"[We] didn't have enough time to get jackets on, so we jumped in. And when we turned around ... it had capsized,” Roberts told ABC News. “We climbed on top of that, started yelling at two boats 50 yards away. They seemed like they didn't care, kept fishing. I was screaming and yelling."

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